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lv bags uk are left

Why are designer purses getting so expensive louis vuitton bags uk Authentic designer handbags have always been pricey, but now more than ever you see designer handbags priced in the $10, 000+ louis vuitton bags zone.Most of these designer purses are all special edition and only a certain number are made but still is the louis vuitton tribute patchwork bag really worth $42, 000?Now i am not saying that its crazy to buy expensive bags, heck id spend more money than most on a bag.I've just been wondering why theirs been a sudden price jump over the past couple years.Well i did my research and theirs two reasons why here's the first: Now i know what your thinking"Oh god not another ranting post about fake bags"No that's not what im getting at, i just find it interesting that the designer handbags world is taking the next step to make replicating more difficult.Think about it, can a chinese factory really replicate the crocodile birkin with a diamond incrusted lock and make people think its real?Well if you do then you're an idiot.Designer companies are making more"Hard to copy"Bags so the fakers lv bags uk are left in the dust.Now the second reason is: Imagine being one of only a few people owning a $30, 000 handbag?Its kinda like owning a top of the line mercedes, people go"Wow. "The designer handbag world knows they're dealing with celebrities and elite people with money.People with money usually buy nice expensive things, wave a $30, 000 handbag in front of their face and they might just grab it.Now ive talked to is the louis vuitton outlet uk genuine a lot of people about this subject and heres how the conversation usually goes

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