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Kellie pickler archive

Country star kellie pickler gets a tattoo after every performance for america military troops so she can always remember their great sacrifice.The former idol contestant has frequently saluted her nation heroes by jetting all over the world to stage concerts for active duty servicemen, and, as a reminder of each trip, pickler goes [ [read more]

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The former idol contestant has frequently saluted her nation heroes by jetting all over the world to stage concerts for active duty servicemen, and, as a reminder of each trip, pickler goes under the needle to mark each show with a new piece of ink.

She tells maxim magazine, grandmother would be mortified if she knew i had these.She passed away now, but she would say, are the devil!So my first tattoo, of course, was my grandma name.I also have stars on my left arm for my uso tours, but i missing two.The 26 year old reveals she has a personal connection to the armed forces, adding, grandfather is a retired marine, and i always had a great deal of respect for anyone who serves our country.It really does take someone special to sacrifice everything.I don mean just their lives, either.There are men who are sacrificing the chance to hold their newborn baby!

Singer kellie pickler has jumped to the defense of her troubled dad, insisting he always been a father despite his criminal past.

Clyde raymond pickler, jr.Spent much of his daughter childhood behind bars for various crimes, including a three year stint in prison for aggravated battery and assault relating to a 2003 stabbing.

Pickler mother cynthia left him when the star was just 2 years old, but the idol favorite insists she doesn harbor any hard feelings towards her dad for being a less than perfect parent, admitting they recently patched up their relationship.

During an appearance on view on wednesday, she said, all have our speed bumps that we hit in the road.I know that the media has kind of put him out there as this really, really bad person.Of course he made bad choices but he is a good father.I spent a lot of my childhood with him, whenever he was not incarcerated.

Spent a lot of time teaching me how to fend for myself.He taught me my life skills.I know how to survive and make something from nothing and he taught me how to do that.

The person i call dad regardless;I a daddy girl.I learned the hard way that it so important to come to this place of forgiveness because, in the long run, hating anybody is only hurting yourself.

And pickler admits it was the thought of sharing her special day with so many people she didn like that sent her running off to the caribbean.

She tells talk show host ellen degeneres, were almost finished with the wedding planning.And every time we got to the guest list, it was like, my god, i hate half these people.Nothing personal.But the singer insists she has no regrets:Packed the wedding dress and packed him(Jacobs)An outfit.We totally just put faith in god that it was all going to work out, and it did, and it was the most incredible day of my life.The couple began dating in 2008.

The former idol star accepted jacobs proposal in june, and they are busy working out the details michael kors bags uk of their nuptials.

But pickler insists there will be no dancing from the pair when they become man and wife because she doesn want to be embarrassed on her big cheap michael kors bags uk day.

She tells people country magazine, a disaster.He a snapper.He just sways back and forth and snaps his fingers.That won be the only non traditional part of their wedding pickler plans to have their menagerie of pets in attendance when they exchange vows in a church.

She says, been talking about incorporating the dogs they like our kids.But we wouldn want an accident to happen down the aisle.She jokes, thinking of having the python be the ringbearer!

Rocker kid rock is secretly dating idol star kellie pickler, according to tabloid reports.

The hitmaker showed up at the recent cmt video awards in nashville, tenn., with ex girlfriend Sheryl Crow, but he was really at the award show to be close to michael kors bags outlet his new love, according to the Globe.

A source tells the publication, romance between kellie and kid has been the worst kept secret in nashville.Insiders claim pickler was talking about kid rock when she recently told a radio interviewer, seeing someone.I got a man.He a great, great guy.We been seeing each other for over a year.Rock, real name robert ritchie, has been linked to a string of lovely ladies and was briefly married to pamela anderson in 2006.

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