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Jennifer aniston gets bossy

New york forget about kooky and classy.Jennifer aniston seems to excel at kinky and crazy.

Evidence arrives with her co starring role in the r rated comedy, horrible bosses, which opens july 8.

In the seth gordon directed movie, aniston is a demented dentist dominated by an inappropriate lust for her mild mannered michael kors outlet online dental assistant, dale(Charlie day).

As a predator, she seems just about right doing all the wrong things in a series of seductions that include skimpy lingerie, bits of food and a lunatic libido.

It's enough to convince dave that his only option is to eliminate the harassment permanently.

As coincidence and the comedy would have it, dale is not alone in his predicament.Two of his buddies are suffering from the torment of bad bosses.

Nick(Jason bateman)Is being michael kors cheap bags uk hounded by a bully(Kevin spacey), and Kurt(Jason sudeikis)Is losing his cool, as the executive in charge loses his mind(An almost unrecognizable colin farrell).

Desperate measures call for dale, nick and kurt to hire a hit man to do their dirty work.However, the three stooges end up negotiating with a con artist(Jamie foxx), which leads to a series of farcical events highlighted by Aniston's screwball vixen.

Who knew she had in her?

Post rachel and friends, aniston has been hit and miss in a series of mainstream romantic comedies, which have been all about hype, and not against type.Her horrible bosses dentist changes that.

During an interview at a mid manhattan hotel, she's typically cautious about what she says and how she says it.

It's not a surprise.She's been through the tabloid grinder.First, there was the public humiliation of divorcing husband brad pitt.

That was followed by the breakup with her break up co star vince vaughn and her short lived relationship with pop singer john mayer. (She's now dating justin theroux, her wanderlust co star.

Still, the 42 year old politely explains, among other things, why she decided to take the leap into the naughty zone.

Q:Is this role risky for you?

A:You don't want to play it safe all the time, and i've never had a script that's come to me that's allowed me to go in this direction

Q:Were you spoofing chauvinism?

A:That's what i think was so fun about it:Being a female that's usually the male character.I thought of her as kind of like a guy, and that made it that much more fun.

Q:How did you manage the profanity?

michael kors cheap A:After every take,(Director seth gordon)Would be like,"The raunchier, the better. "So, it was pretty easy for me.It really was.

Q:Is this your anti america's sweetheart part?

A:I didn't take the role so that i could rid myself of that title.I don't michael kors handbags know what that is.

Q:Did you have a topless scene cut from the film?

A:No topless.I don't know how we got that rumour going.

Q:How was the chemistry between you and(Charlie)Day?

A:I just kept apologizing to charlie for everything that happened.We got to know each other between straddlings.

Q:Are you concerned about friends fans reacting badly to the role?

A:I don't think that i really cared if there was sort of a bad reaction to it.I actually didn't think there would be.I really just thought that it'd be fun for everybody, or i would hope.

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