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ralph lauren big pony polo or baggy jeans

What ralph lauren italia outlet online to wear to http://www.ascoe.it/ college

Browse articles videos by categoryfood drinkhobbies, games toysit is important to make sure that the clothes you wear truly represent what you want people to think of you.College is great time to become the person you want to be, and one of polo ralph lauren italia outlet the first steps can be presenting the desired image.According to fibers,"How to dress for college,"The key is to find a look that expresses who you are and that is comfortable for you.It is also important to make sure your wardrobe can be easily cleaned because typical college laundromats are not set up for the maintenance of certain fabrics.You need to decide the type of person you are and the image you want to convey.An athlete typically wears warm ups or sweats, a t shirt, a baseball hat, and tennis shoes.If you are more academically inclined, then khakis, a button up or polo shirt, and nice shoes work great.A more grunge look consists of some ripped ralph lauren big pony polo or baggy jeans, a t shirt and skate shoes.The surfer/skater look consists of shorts or baggy jeans, a t shirt, and flip flops or skate shoes.A more formal person invests in a pair of slacks, a button up and dress shoes.A more formal look for women involves a skirt, blouse and a nice pair of thick heels.If you just want to go casual, a pair of jeans, t shirt and tennis shoes create a great look.

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